Hit Two Birds with One Stone

Been dreaming of doing a remodel on your house? Worried about the cost and the inconvenience? So why not hit two birds with one stone and next time you go to plan some home repairing - like fixing the leaks in the ceiling that’ve been there since you moved in ten years ago - plan a remodel at the same time.

By doing home repair and remodelling all in one go you save yourself the hassle of going through two interruptions to your life. Two times finding the right builder, two times going through the waiting process, two times covering the furniture, two times moving in with your parents in law for the week! You dread the thought of doing that even once, let alone twice.

Yes, doing a home repair and remodelling is a big task but by getting it all done at the same time imagine the satisfaction you’re going to feel when you come home to a home that looks and feels like its brand new. You wont recognise yourself in your new dream home and all the work will feel well worth it.

Plan Well, Live Well

Doing home repairing and a home improvement remodelling at the same wont be as big a task as you imagine, as long as it is well planned from the beginning. You need to make lists and notes on absolutely everything that needs doing. You’ll kick yourself when you remember the crack in the wall behind your bedroom door after the contractors are all packed up and finished.

Start planing your home improvement remodelling and home repairing months before the construction process is due to start. Want your home repair and remodelling all finished in time for the family to come and stay at Christmas time? Then it’s a good idea to start thinking about it early in the year, or even the year before. The more time you give yourself the better the job will end up and there will be a lot less stress involved in the whole project.

Have a ‘post it’ day where you and your family go around the house sticking post it notes to everything you want to include in your renovations. That way it’s easy to see what needs fixing and changing and you can start to make lists from there. Just make sure you keep an eye on the kids or you’ll end up with post it notes with ‘remove’ and ‘ugly’ all over your favourite things, as well as a ‘insert bar here’ note by the television.

It’s a Big Job so get it Right

You’re going to put a lot of time and money into this home repair and remodelling, so it’s important you get it right the first time to avoid the inconvenience of calling contractors back in and having to interrupt your life all over again.

Make checklists so you can keep track of exactly what needs to be done. Don’t let those contractors out of your sight until everything has been ticked off. Once they’re gone, they’re hard to get back!

There’s no better feeling than the satisfaction of a job well done and a job where you can get two things done at once - a home repair and remodelling - is just going to give you all the more satisfaction. Of course organising a big project is a daunting thought, but once you get on a roll it’ll all start to fall into place and you’ll enjoy it, especially the end where you get to enjoy a new home with no leaking roofs - you can save your saucepans for actual cooking, not rain catching.