Planning A Remodel

Want to remodel or repair your home but are not willing to fork out thousands of dollars on architects, builders, plumbers or product sales commissions? Why not do it yourself? DIY home improvement is nothing new, people have been doing it for centuries and for one good reason - you get it done, when and how you want, for a price you can afford.

When it comes to DIY home repair there will be many jobs that require a professional but the majority of it you can do yourself. To start planning your DIY home improvement there are four main areas to consider: Interior, Exterior, Decorating and Gardening. If you break up and plan your budget and time into these four elements you will have a recipe for success.

1. Planning the Interior

With DIY home repair it is likely you will be living in the house you plan to remodel, which means undertaking interior improvements can mean a lot of disruption for the household. A good way to get around this is to prioritize the areas that are most important and create a contingency plan for how you will live without them while the repairs are being carried out.

Interiors can be everything from painting a new color scheme in the lounge or putting down new tiles and floorboards to a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel. If you are embarking on one of the more extravagant home repair do it yourself schemes like a new kitchen, planning is key.

If you ask most people where they gather to spend time together, it usually involves the kitchen, everyone needs to eat! So of course this is a place you will want to take time to improve and you don’t need an interior designer to do it. Ask your friends and family for advice and ideas, look on the internet and gather magazines for ideas. From here you can create a spectacular kitchen that you won’t want to leave.

Other aspects of interiors you may want to consider are removing walls and adding new windows, repairing ceilings and replacing fixtures.

2. Changing the Exterior

Changing the face of your home is one of the easiest DIY home improvements to make and will really help to improve the value of a property. You can give your home a completely new look by painting the walls, facia or woodwork.

Depending on the scope of the project and your expertise you will be able to complete an exterior makeover in the space of a few weekends. Call on friends and family for a weekend working bee, get together some paint, roller and brushes and make a day of it. With a bit of guidance most DIY’ers will be able to repair the gutters, window trims and carpentry work. If you can not afford all of the equipment you can always hire it from a local store.

3. Decorating and Coloring

The colors and finishes you apply to your home remodel are just as important as the design and materials and will make or break your dream. When you plan your finishes you want to choose colors, patterns and textures that reflect your personality and are going to make you feel happy and comfortable.

Think about how the lighting and layout will work with certain colors and where you plan to put pieces of furniture. You want to make improvements that are fashionable but that will not date within 6 months.

There is nothing like a bit of paint to brighten up walls, refresh furniture and make your home more comfortable for you. When it comes to painting the house colour selections can be hard enough but don’t forget about finishes. There are four main finishes for paint – flat, eggshell, gloss and semi-gloss. Make sure you specify the type of finish when you order your paints.

4. Shaping the Landscape and Garden

If you are someone who loves entertaining or simply enjoying an afternoon drink outside on the patio, it is likely the garden will be an important part of your home improvement experience.

Simple improvements to the garden can be made at any time. Adding new plants, rocks, boulders and water features will enhance your garden. Try to keep a theme running throughout, repetition of plant varieties will create an interesting balance.

If your house is need of a serious home repair do it yourself it will save you time and money, just make sure you plan your improvements as this will make for a much more fun experience.