Don’t get Mad, get Even

So you’re flicking through a mag and come across an article on celebrity houses and you’re absolutely blown away by them. The detail, the grandness, the beauty, it’s, well, sickening!?

Don’t be jealous. Ok so you may not have the budget of the Beckhams or the Jolie-Pitt’s, but there’s no reason you can’t have a mind blowing home yourself. You’d be amazed at what a little bit of home repair and improvement could do for your home. You’d also be amazed at how easily you can emulate the celeb’s houses on a budget - Brad Pitt not included sorry ladies.

When it comes to friend’s houses it becomes a little trickier. It’s easy to copy Posh and Beck’s because when are they ever going to knock on your door and complain? But if you start stealing ideas from the amazing houses of friends and neighbors, you may find yourself in a bit of a bicker.

The best thing to do if you want to borrow a home idea here or there is to ask before beginning your home improvement projects, that way if your friend does care that you’re using the same colors as her, you know that before you waste hundreds of dollars on paint.

Inspiration comes from all Around

There are great ideas hiding everywhere for your next home improvement projects, so keep your eyes peeled. Maybe there’s a fantastic detail on the wall at the doctors surgery, or you can’t help but start at the beautiful colors in the painting at the nursing home when you’re visiting your dad, or there’s a wooden counter at a boutique that you just have to copy for your new kitchen. Write these ideas down, or even better, take a sneaky picture when the doctor steps out of the room.

Imagine your little home repairing project turning your house into a sanctuary filled with all the amazing ideas you’ve picked up here and there. Sounds like a mind bowing home repair and improvement, doesn’t it?

Start a Scrapbook

Just as quickly as you will fall in love with an idea, a color or a detail, you’ll forget exactly what it looks like. What shade of blue was it again? Which way did the lines go? How had they done it again?

Don’t create time wasting and disappointment for yourself when you can’t remember what it was you’d loved so much. Keep a record of it, it’s so easy to do and you’ll have that handy record forever. Even if you don’t have a picture write down exactly what you saw and why you loved it so much, that way when it comes to planning your home improvement projects you’ve got all those wonderful ideas and inspirations sitting there in front of you.

If you’re going to hire contractors to do all the hard work for you, having all those ideas in the one place will come in really handy because you can show them exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve and avoid miscommunication.

Dream Home here You come!

Ok so ‘Beckingham Palace’ isn’t exactly within your budget, but your very own dream home is definitely easier to achieve than you would think - and without the paparazzi. Home repairing is all about making things better and more beautiful, so set out to make your new and improved home the best it can possibly be. You’ll probably only do it once, maybe twice in your life so why not go all out? You won’t regret it, when ten years down the track you’re still admiring your amazing home and blowing your guests away with your impeccable taste.

Before you know it, you’ll be the one being copied!