Family Home Repair

Whether you are looking to roll up your sleeves and get into a DIY job or take a shopping trip down to the local hardware store on a Saturday afternoon, there are plenty of clever and inexpensive jobs that can be done at home with the help of friends and family.

Home repair and remodelling can be a time consuming and costly job, which in many cases will not be possible without the help of your friends and family to get it done. If you are lucky enough you will have friends or family members with experience in the construction or trades industry and others that are just willing to lend a hand wherever they can.

Be Careful

Before you go calling all of your family and friends to repair a home, you should be aware that home repairing can be very stressful and frustrating and this may sometimes be taken out on those around you. You need to ask yourself whether you will be able to work with these people and if they have the ability and expertise to carry out certain home repairing jobs? Don’t expect the deadlines and quality to be the same as it would with a professional.

Remember, hiring your family is not like hiring a contractor, where once the work is done you will not have to see them again, you can’t escape your family that easily. Unless they are a professional in a trade it may not be a good idea to let them undertake any of the technical aspects of your home repair, but don’t ignore their willingness to help, there are always other home repair tasks they can undertake.

Fun Weekend Activities

If you have family and friends keen to help you repair a home, get them together for a weekend working bee. Painting the house can be a fun activity for all ages of the family. Get together some rollers and brushes, put on your old muck-around clothes and get cracking on the exterior and interior walls of your home. Even the children can join in on this one by giving them their own brush, paint and material you will keep them happy for hours.

If you have the painting under control, landscaping the garden area is another great group activity. Divide your landscaping into sections and get your family and friends working on areas they enjoy or have experience in. Some may be able to help build a deck and others can help weeding and laying new plants in the garden. Make sure you thank your helpers by putting on an evening barbeque and a few drinks.

Know Your Limitations

The key to completing a successful home repair job is knowing your limitations. Many people start out thinking with the help of family and friends they will easily be able to repair a home, but this can land them in a lot of trouble.

Sure simple tasks like painting, wallpapering and moulding can be completed by most DIY’ers, but don’t take the risk of letting your family and friends undertake larger structural jobs that they have no experience in. This can not only result in the job not being completed properly but is also dangerous and can lead to injuries. The last thing you want is to be responsible for hurting a friend or family member.

To avoid injuries ensure all of your helpers have the proper safety protection equipment before they start work. You might have to go and purchase gloves, eye wear and protective clothing.

Home repair and remodelling can be hard work and will sometimes take longer than expected to complete. Although family and friends are more than willing to help, do not take it for granted or become annoyed when they are unable to help. Remember they are doing you a favour.