Do Your Research

A home repair do it yourself job is always going to come with risks. Why? Well, basically because you don’t know what you’re doing. Think you can just pick up a power tool, press the on button and off you go? Of course you can’t, you need to research and get advice on how to use these types of tools.

A ‘know all’ attitude mixed with a do it yourself repair is a recipe for disaster and unfortunately do it yourself home improvement injuries are on the rise, so its vitally important to seek advice and do your research before pushing that on button.

Ladies, of course your husband is going to think he knows it all and doesn’t need some other guy telling him how to use a power tool, or how to complete your diy home improvement, but unless you want him ending up in hospital or your house falling down on you as you sleep, make sure you ask the right questions if he’s too stubborn to. You don’t want blood all over your brand new house now do you?

Team up with Friends

It’s a great idea to plan your DIY home improvement around the same time as friends or neighbours, that way you can help each other out and work off each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

With more of you involved in the project it means you’ll have a bigger skill base, more knowledge, more common sense, and more people looking out for you to make sure your do it yourself repair is an injury free success- (It also means two post renovation parties on the calendar once you’re done!)

Have a Plan

For a home repair do it yourself job to be safe and injury free it takes a lot of planning. You need to think about every aspect of the diy home repair before you even think about picking up a tool. Not a planner? Become one. It will pay off in this case.

Things to consider are;

  • Do you have appropriate fencing and safety guards?
  • Should you send the kids and pets away for a few days?
  • Do you have all the necessary safety equipment? Helmets, gloves etc.
  • Do you have a weather contingency plan?
  • Are you allowing yourself enough time so there will be no need for rushing?
  • When are your friends and family available to help out?

Write everything down so you don’t forget your plans and what stage of organising you’re at. When little Tommy falls into the hole you just dug in the backyard you’re going to wish you’d written yourself a reminder- ‘Take kids to mother in law on Saturday morning’. After that you might find the next thing your writing down are your details on the hospital bill, or worse, your divorce papers!

Never be Too Proud to Ask for Help

When three of your fingers are lying on the ground next to you, you’re going to be wishing you’d just asked the guy in the store where the emergency stop button was, aren’t you?

Taking on a do it yourself repair is a huge project that will involve dealing with situations, materials and tools that you aren’t used to working with. It doesn’t make you look stupid if you don’t know the answer to everything. It makes you look stupid when you end up in the hospital because you were too proud to ask. Even if you think you know, but you’re just not quite sure, don’t take the risk, ASK.